Sunday, July 24, 2011

What factors lead to sciatica?

The back can get everyone, no matter, you're an active lifestyle or prefer to relax in the evenings on the couch. It does not matter your work - or sit-down related to physical activity. The income level is also not important - it's time, and all people for the first time back starts to hurt.

Get rid of this problem is impossible - as impossible to eat once and for all life, but each of us the strength to reduce the negative impact of this factor. First, analyze the causes of the backache.

1. Nutrition. Power supply - an important factor not only for those who want to lose weight or get better. Status of the spine is highly dependent on the daily diet. It is necessary that in the composition of the products included such minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. The most successful combination of these trace elements in foods: cottage cheese fat, cabbage, carrots, walnuts, beans, peas, rice, hazelnuts, beets. Regular consumption of these products - the best disease prevention spine.

But the white sugar - one of the main enemies of a healthy spine. To assimilate the sugar, the body takes calcium from the bones, phosphorus, magnesium, making the bones of the skeleton and soft loose, contributing to the development of osteoporosis. White sugar is harmful not only in its pure form, but in the other products: ketchup, soft drinks, cakes, candies, milk chocolate. Limit the number of these products on his desk.

Identify the lack of calcium in the body can be and by their own feelings - frequent muscle cramps, bruising on the body for no reason, a tendency to prolonged bleeding, "cool" joints on the weather. If you have such manifestations urgently increase the amount of calcium in food. Your body and your spine will thank you.

2. Prolonged static postures. Our spine and back feel good when alternating stress and relaxation. Any long-term static (lying, sitting, standing) position causes discomfort in the spine. This factor can not be changed, we must learn to live with it. No wonder if, after five hours of sitting at the computer starts to hurt back. The reason is not that patient back, and that you should not put ourselves in a situation when you have a long time to sit or stand.

If you will be a long sit-down job, plan to get up every 30 minutes and at least a little walk around the room, and if you can - do some simple exercises for the spine. For example, bending forward, sideways, backbends. These pauses you only increase their efficiency and reduce the likelihood of sciatica .

3. Lack of proper physical exercise causes the muscles atrophy and dryahleyut. It occurs in all people, regardless of our will and desire. Weak muscles and ligaments can not keep the spine in an optimal position. This leads to the displacement of the vertebrae and pinching roots of the spinal cord. We feel a sharp, piercing pain. The solution to this problem is obvious: the daily simple exercises will keep the muscles of the spine in working condition and will protect you from sciatica . There is no alternative - do not be fooled.

4. Improper use of the back or our bad habits. Sleep best on a fairly hard surface. If during sleep the spine sags badly - the muscles do not relax and rest. In the morning you will feel fatigue in my back. When lifting an object from the floor keep your back straight and lift the object using the leg muscles. Transferring the load in one hand, more often stop and take the load with your other hand. Women should not wear heels without good reason more than 4 inches. If you have to stand for long - evenly distribute weight on both feet.

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