Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sciatica Pain Treatment

According to medical statistics, 40 to 80 percent of US people feel pain in the neck and back, which can be combined with chest pain or headaches. Sciatica - a signal of any disease that the body is not all right. In particular, sciatica  can be caused by diseases of the spine, intervertebral discs, ligaments, joints, it may be indicative of diseases or injuries of the muscular apparatus of the nervous system, for example, spinal cord or peripheral nerves. Often sciatica  is associated with disturbances in the interior of the chest or abdomen, pelvis, etc. The most common causes of a painful syndrome in the back are considered micro, tension, overexertion of muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine.

Doctors call several risk factors that cause pain in the back, above all, the person's age, sex, profession, and especially so The highest incidence rates occur in the spine in patients aged 30 to 60 years. Among older people, the pain in his back more often overtakes women. Doctors attribute this to the fairer sex predisposition to osteoporosis spine. However, chronic sciatica , observations show that gender did not differ. It was also noted that the risk factor is even, and obesity. In addition, sciatica  is much more tormented by smokers than non-smoking men.

sciatica  is most often aching, pulling, burning, less acute, increasing from time to time and let go. In any painful symptoms is desirable to consult a qualified doctor that can help prevent many possible troubles which often arise due to late treatment to the specialists. Currently, sciatica  is treated with a variety of methods have proved their effectiveness. First and foremost, our experts recommend the clinic to use non-drug methods, since they have a serious advantage. First, the patient can not be afraid of side effects or addictive effect.Second, the combined treatment drug-free ways to quickly and effectively relieve pain in his back and then continue treatment more comfortable for the patient.

In order to relieve sciatica , eliminate its cause and prevent possible relapses, the doctors of our clinic is always assigned a comprehensive, individualized treatment.If it is determined that the patient has a chronic disease, the treatment should be aimed not only at the sources of pain, but also on concomitant psychological disorders. So, sciatica  effectively lechyatsya through medical massage that improves blood flow and good swelling. Doctors strongly recommend that patients perform exercises pain that will not only relieve the pain well, but also eliminate the spasms of deep muscles. Mandatory components of a comprehensive treatment of the spine are also physiotherapy, manual therapy, kinesitherapy, mechanic, medical gymnastics. Additional methods are acupuncture, herbal medicine and cryo. These techniques not only to effectively fight the reasons why there is pain in the back, but muscular and reinforce that keeps the spine. Against the background of such a focused set of therapeutic interventions in patients is gradually restoring the functions of the spine. Originally retreats pain, discomfort and leaves stiffness.Combined therapy, which is recommended by doctors of our clinic is also an excellent means of preventing sciatica  conditions, and most importantly the person returns the freedom of movement, allowing it again to the familiar, active lifestyle without pain

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