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Sciatica Pain Relief

A rare man in life did not feel discomfort, sciatica , discomfort when moving. 70-80% of all adults permanently or periodically suffer from sciatica .

In the official medical cure, only a small proportion of patients remaining treated to private parties, psychics, and often treated themselves.

But sciatica  may be a symptom of a large number of very serious diseases of the spine or internal organs, which can lead to disability.

What do you do if you feel pain, stiffness in the spine, it's difficult to get up in the morning, it hurts to bend down, turn around?

You sit all day at the office, working at the computer and began to notice that quickly tired by the evening a headache, "ache" in his back and under the shoulder blade that is constantly "whining." A recently became dizzy and constantly sore right hand, it became difficult to even write.

Last year, riding with her daughter on a sled, you have fallen on his back, and now from time to time remind you of this pain in the sacrum and the elbow.

And your son is grown over the summer and began to slouch, the whole day sitting at a computer, and complains of pain in the spine, and the gym, refusing.

You long not pay attention to these symptoms, because their colleagues at work, too, sciatica , and the time constant is not enough ...

But here's one sad morning you bent to put on shoes and could not straighten out ... back, sharp pain pierced his leg and spine, even foot was numb.

Or maybe you do home renovations and moved the furniture, and now lie, afraid to move because of severe pain in the spine?

Or on a hot summer day in the car opened the window and the next morning could not turn his head because of acute pain in the neck and spine?

"Yes, now without a doctor's help, apparently, can not do" - thought you grabbed the phone.

But which doctor to address?

For the therapist, a neurologist, orthopedist or rheumatologist? Yes, my husband and cardiologist advised to consult a specialist who treats diseases of the spine, for the past six months it bother dizziness, seizures, arrhythmias and blood pressure is high.

sciatica  can be caused by a wide variety of reasons, and sometimes even difficult to immediately identify a professional source of pain.

To evaluate the diversity of clinical manifestations of your condition, quickly and efficiently help you - you need an expert totally new breed, owning extensive knowledge of therapy, neurology, orthopedics, dynamic anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of movement. This doctor should have extensive experience of working in the field of manual therapy, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc.

Prepare a high quality specialist only in specialized health care setting, which for decades conducted research and practical work to develop new methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the spine.

A specialist who treats diseases of the spine only, is called - doctor vertebroneurology
Acute sciatica

Be sure to get a consultation with a doctor who correctly identify the nature of the disease. Do not forget: sciatica  - a symptom, a characteristic not only for osteoarthritis but many other diseases. Alleviate their condition on their own, do no harm to health, can only be accurately knowing the diagnosis, at renewal or strengthening of chronic pain, which is already well known.
Maximally unload the spine. During an exacerbation in bed. During this period, even its own weight - a solid load. Find a comfortable position, which comes relief, pain subsides. Usually at the lumbar radiculitis pain subsides when lying on your back, knees planted under one or more hard pillows. Sometimes easier to lie on his side, a pillow or cushion under her waist.
In the early hours of aggravation of degenerative disc disease, if possible, ask for help from a specialist in manual therapy. With this method, you can remove the attack, cut short the pain.
If pain is severe, unbearable, take pain medication, then there is a medicine chest: 1 - 2 tablets Analgin, baralgina, tempalgina (pre-mash them to a powder in order to better and faster to assimilate and did not inflict much damage the stomach lining and intestines. After 20 - 30 minutes after the first drugs did not come easy? Again, take 1 - 2 tablets of painkiller. If the pain is still not abated, will have to use stronger means.

But these drugs must be prescribed by a doctor.

Many drugs have side effects. In addition, they eliminate the cause of osteoarthritis is not, but only its symptoms. So take them for longer than 3 - 5 days is not recommended.

To reduce swelling, resulting in the area of inflammation, talking to your doctor, take for 3 - 4 days diuretics (eg furosemide - 1-2 tablets a day), diuretic herbs (kidney tea, bearberry, etc.).

Perhaps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation caused by mechanical stimulation of the nerve trunks or roots, your doctor is one of the funds, the most you podhododyaschee: reopirin, ortofena, indomethacin, brufen, piroxicam, etc. Strictly and scrupulously follow its destination.
On the skin over the sore spot, apply ointment.

In the very first hours of use medications such as menthol, anestezina, Aescusan, creams, containing in its composition buckeye, ointments, possess anti-inflammatory properties: voltaren, phenylbutazone, piroxicam. They reduce blood viscosity, increase the rate of venous outflow, than will serve to reduce swelling, which often forms in a damaged spine.

When the swelling subsides, you can use an ointment such as Nikofleks, analgosa, Finalgon.

A good effect has a long - a cream, ointment viprotoks, Viprosal containing poison snakes virapin with bee venom in the composition.

In your home medicine cabinet can be an ointment such as alzhipan, mobilat, artroseneks, naftalgin, saliniment, kapsin, Bom-Benge.

Apply rubbing, usually 5-6 days, until the pain disappears completely.
To restrict to a minimum movement that causes pain in the lumbar and lower thoracic osteochondrosis, use a special orthopedic corset - it will help stabilize the spine.
You will certainly want to move around the house. To reduce the load on the affected lumbar or thoracic intervertebral discs, not cause them further injury, to move around the house, use crutches.
When the pain a little to let go for about 2-3 days after an exacerbation, with great caution, do an exercise number 1 recommended by your doctor.

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